Why should you invest in Uruguay?

Conditions that promote safe investments for your company

Strategic Location

Port of entry into Latin America. Uruguay’s strategic location as a port of entry ino the region offers the perfect platform into Latin America. Uruguay provides first class logistics infrastructure, cutting-edge telecommunications technology and the best energy matrix in Latin America, based on renewable sources.

Convenient conditions for making business

Uruguay is recognized for its history as a politically, democratically and socially stable and macroeconomically robust country, which turns this country into the perfect environment for developing successful investments. Moreover, this is a stable and predictable country, and these distinctive qualities are valued by investors.

Excellent Infrastructure

Telecommunications infrastructure at a low cost and great road, port and energetic infrastructure across the country.

Talented human resources at competitive costs

Uruguay has highly competitive, qualified and multilingual human resources. The Government promotes benefits for companies in connection with the implementation of customized training programs for the workforce or new recruitments.

In Uruguay everyone has free access to education, from pre-school to university.

The ideal partner for developing business activities

Uruguay has turned into the quintessential destination for international companies looking for quality, efficiency, experience and new opportunities, within the most stable and reliable business environment in Latin America.

Both national and foreign investments in Uruguay are considered of national interest. Local and international investors are treated equally and receive a wide variety of benefits adapted to different types of activities, whether they are industrial, commercial or services-oriented, to be developed in this country.

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