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  1. LANDER Legal & Civil Law Notary Services, the owner of this website, will only gather information containing personal data from users who have consented to this.

  2. We will handle the personal data provided by users of this website only for the purposes and in the manner detailed in this Privacy Policy section, all in accordance with the Uruguayan legislation concerning Personal Data Protection, in particular, Law No. 18,331 and Decrees No. 664/008, passed on 22-Dec-08 and No. 414/009 passed on 31-Aug-09.

  3. LANDER Legal & Civil Law Notary Services agrees to use all personal data collected only for the purposes for which the user provides them, without sharing the data with third parties. Nevertheless, the firm reserves the right to use personal data from users for other services in connection with the firm or business patners of the firm.

  4. The personal data might be hosted in servers owned by the company in Uruguay, or in other countries with an appropriate level of protection.

  5. Users may ask for any kind of information (of commercial, legal or technical nature, etc.) by sending an e-mail to In such case, the personal data provided shall be recorded in a Contacts or Clients or Suppliers Database and shall only be used in order to reply to the specific inquiry or extract statistical information or talk to the petitioner.

  6. Our Privacy Policy is limited to operations made by the user by accessing our website directly. We do not ensure the same result in the event that access to our website is through redirection from other websites.

  7. In this Privacy Policy section we detail the current company practices in relation to services provided. Therefore, this section may be altered if Lander Legal & Civil Notary Services decides to do so at its sole discretion.

  8. Lander Legal & Civil Notary Services has implemented every safety precaution necessary in order to prevent non-authorized third parties from accessing the data, including physical safety precautions and access only by employees or subcontractors that need access to data for work-related purposes, all this pursuant to confidentiality clauses and obligations of professional secrecy, under Article No. 302 of the Criminal Code.

  9. Lander Legal & Civil Notary Services will make every possible effort to protect personal data provided by users of this website. However, Lander Legal & Civil Notary Services may reveal part of the data possessed by the firm in compliance with contractual obligations undertaken with respect to third parties or should there be a court order requiring so.

  10. The firm is responsible of the Contacts, Clients and Suppliers databases, and the person concerned has the possibility of exercising access, modification or suppression rights by visiting us at Joaquín Nuñez 2838/003 with a copy of his/her ID document or with a power of attorney in case of representing a legal entity. In this same way, the user may submit any complaint or suggestion that he/she considers necessary. Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Privacy Policy of this website, visit the offices of Lander or send them by e-mail to