Real Estate Businesses, Investments and Management

Real Estate Businesses, Investments and Management

LANDER Legal, Civil Law Notary & Accounting Services has a vast experience providing assistance concerning real estate investments both in Uruguay and abroad. Our services include:

  • Real estate acquisition.
  • Transaction agreements and vessel mortgages.
  • Submission of real estate projects taking advantage of the benefits provided by the investment promotion regime, condominiums and changes to said regime, submission of permits and authoritzations before the corresponding authorities.
  • Establishment and study of collaterals.
  • Preparation and assessment of investment projects. Free Zones regime.

LANDER Legal, Civil Law Notary & Accounting Services is most experienced at real estate management, with knowledge of everyday issues that may arise regarding the administration of a building. At Lander, we develop exhaustive tasks of preventive assistance, in order to avoid difficulties that alter everyday life in the building. Our expert department in this area performs the following duties:

  • Appraisals
  • Sales
  • Rentals/Leasings
  • Property management


Building Management

Negotiations concerning the drafting of contracts and other documents on civil or commercial matters:

  • Payment of building services for management and collection of common services charges and reserve fund or extra expenses.
  • Supervision of compliance with the Rules for Co-Ownership and rules of coexistence in the building.
  • Requests for budgets and contracts with suppliers for building maintenance and payroll settlement.
  • Receipt of complaints.
  • Assistance in connection with labor issues involving the Ministry of Labor or judicial proceedings.
  • Paperwork concerning public registries.
  • Court proceedings (related to labor, civil or commercial matters).
  • Insurance contracts and payments.


Real Estate Management

  • Study and assessment of collaterals/assurances and financial standing of future tenants.
  • Drafting of the lease contract.
  • Payment of expenses in connection with the property that are at the owner’s expense (tax for State primary education, ad valorem tax, reserve fund and extra expenses).
  • Monitoring and follow-up of expenses at the tenant’s expense (taxes, common services charges).
  • Recruitment and management of skilled persons for necessary reparation works.
  • Coordination with the Legal Department for possible evictions and collection of debts (these expenses are not included in the management fees).
  • Collection of rent and transfer to the owner’s bank account.


LANDER Legal, Civil Law Notary & Accounting Services provides assistance to building management teams and is in charge of the management of 5 buildings and more than 100 apartments and establishments.

In order to provide comprehensive assistance, LANDER Legal, Civil Law Notary & Accounting Services also offers legal and notarial services in connection with real estate management, with attorneys and civil law notaries working for shopping center stores and free zone offices.

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