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About us

Lander is a renowned Uruguayan firm that offers professional services of excellence since 1953, providing counsel and comprehensive assistance to both national and international clients.

Our mission has always been to combine experience with excellence and efficiency, with an eye to providing customized assistance and —in that way— defending our clients’ interests beyond the imaginable.

What we do

We are experts in the fields of free zones, business, construction, services, fiscal residence, to name a few.

Our team possesses proven experience assisting individuals and companies in a comprehensive manner —both locally and internationally— with partnered professionals in various countries around the world, such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, United States and Israel.

We have been involved in legal, civil and corporate matters of high complexity, providing assistance in economic projects of great significance in connection with shopping centers, free zones, mass media, advertising and retail companies.

Furthermore, we have expertise in everyday and specific cases, which we handle with efficacy, making use of our practical skills for resolving issues.

Our firm gives excellent and efficient assistance to, and is highly cooperative with, all our clients, having a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals, who are committed to offering comprehensive counseling —regarding legal, notarial and accounting matters— and providing effective solutions based on our clients’ needs.

We put forward innovative solutions enabling us to work together with our clients in order to develop beneficial strategies, both in terms of costs and the end result.

How we work

These are the values we support at LANDER Legal, Civil Law Notary & Accounting Services:

  • Studying. Constant research and updates.
  • Thinking. There is always a solution for every conflict.
  • Loyalty to our clients.
  • Respecting other people’s perspectives in the same way we want our perspective to be respected.
  • Honesty.
  • Teamwork.
  • Loving what we do.

Why should you choose us?

We are changing the way in which counseling firms do things. Using the following innovative techniques, we achieve cost-effective case resolutions, thus complying with our commitment to efficiency:

  • Multidisciplinary teamwork: attorneys, accountants, civil law notaries and real estate agents in the same work space. This enables us to provide comprehensive counseling to our clients.
  • First-hand and customized relationship with our clients, thereby reducing bureaucracy and costs, with a professional expert acting as liaison for each client’s cases.
  • Permanent counseling, both in Montevideo and Punta del Este (Maldonado), as well as abroad (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Panama, United States and Israel).
  • Strategic associations for specific matters.
  • Alternative solutions for resolving and preventing conflicts, with professionals who have excellent negotiation skills.
  • Use of technology and remote access to professionals.
  • Initial quotations for litigations.
  • Flat flees depending on the complexity of the counseling services provided.
  • Alternative fees structures.

Our Clients

Some of the companies that rely on us

Aguada Park (Free Zone) / Punta Shopping / Darko Lighting / Lubavitch Association of Uruguay / Evan Pull / Hillel Foundation, Uruguay / Hipertex (Burma) / Instituto Yavne / Kolher Montevideo and Punta del Este / Latechco, Latin American Technologies / Metrópolis Films / Nike (La Cancha) Montevideo and Punta del Este / SBCE Seguradora Brasileira de Crédito à Exportação S.A. (Estado Brasilero y Banco Do Brasil)

Our Professional Team

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